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Springs Spas and Home Recreation

With a Cal Heat Sauna, you are enjoying the ultimate evolution of over two thousand years of proven health benefits from dry heat bathing. Cal Heat, a Cal Spas division, is the leader in innovative sauna designs, modernizing this age-old Finnish therapy to meet your Home Resort™ needs. Use your Cal Heat Sauna to cleanse your body of impurities, strengthen your immune system, escape from daily stress, enhance your complexion, and promote healthy weight loss. Cal Heat Saunas incorporate premium Redwoods, advanced cabinetry, and leading-edge technology with such features as infrared heating and outdoor application.

Helo Saunas


Beginning in Finland more than 80 years ago, Helo is the largest sauna and steam manufacturer in the world. Helo quality is immediately evident by their styling and design - with the innovative use of glass, curves and lighting along with select Western Red Cedar and European Alder. Helo means superior value and years of satisfaction.


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